The private bank for sailing

Welcome to EFG Sailing!

EFG is the private bank for sailing. We sponsor two sailing teams: EFG Sailing Team, a talented team of Swiss sailors competing in races across Europe; and EFG Mandrake, an elite racing yacht competing on the Asian Yachting Circuit.

We sponsor a wide range of leading events worldwide: BACARDI Sailing Weeks, Miami and Newport; the EFG Pan-American Viper 640 Championships; The EFG Star Winter Series, Florida; The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta; Panerai British Classic Week; EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour. We also help to support the development of the next generation of sailors, helping the Monaco Yacht Club to create a Sailing Academy and supporting the Optimist Sailing School, SNG (Société Nautique de Genève).

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